Spring Break 2020

Welcome to 2020, your spring break has been extended indefinitely! Please stay calm and wash your hands while the coronavirus continues to close down all the places you go to on a daily basis. *Slow clap while the whole world is in chaos*

This was bound to happen eventually. No matter what the Chinese did or didn’t do, a pandemic or an epidemic was expected to happen whether it was 2 years from now or in 10. The world is over-populated, there’s a food shortage, global warming is getting worse, and animals/ocean-life are going extinct. Basically, humans are a poison and we are destroying our home. Not only that but we needed a wake up call on well, everything. Basic hygiene is one of those things! Can you believe it? Uh, yeah, sadly.

What have we noticed while the world has has been told to stay home and slow down? People are finally enjoying the little things and getting out in the sunshine more. I know I am! Dolphins are coming in closer to Italy and animals are coming back to the previously human-infested land. China’s air pollution has dropped rapidly since the virus outbreak. Parents are understanding what it’s like to teach their children and e-learning has become a challenge for most. Introverts have finally found solace not being pressured to go out and enjoying time reading or watching movies. Hey, that’s me! We are relearning how to wash our hands with step-by-step instructions via social media. People are panic -stocking their homes buying more than enough toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Friends and family members are connecting with those long-lost loved one’s to check if they’re safe and healthy. Have you done that lately?

I’m looking forward to seeing what the world learns and sees after this virus has died down: If we are more kind to each other; if we’re more conscientious of our environment and what we’re allowing in/on it; if we’re more humbled and if we learn integrity; if we learn more about ourselves and each other; if we become more emotionally intelligent or intelligent because we’ve been reading more! (Hopefully.) I hope we get more out of this than not. I guess that’s all we can do now, hope.